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I can harly wait

this summer is gonna be so crazy,..I'm nearly jumping out of my skin with excitement
firstly I am going to washington Dc for six whole weeks to study at gallaudet university.
I guess for anyone reading who doesn't know what I am talking about
basicly gaulledet is a really good well known school for the Deaf in DC.
Basicly since I'm majoring in intupreting for the Deaf it'll really help me and aside from that
its a really great thing to put on a resume.
My professor who was Deaf went to school there. She explained to us in sign language about washtion and she was very discriptive in the signs she used about how the leaves turned purple orange and brown in the fall and about how nice the weather was up there. Which is really also a big plus because texas is really smoggy
state with a weak ozone. We don't have much going for us besides the medical center in houston and NASA thats really about it. Anyways back to the whole thing about washtion yeah Its in two months and I've already started planning whst I wanna do. I'm going to be there for forth of july so I need to see what will be going on around there.I bought some books from barnes & noble  was an insiders guide to dc
so I picked out a few tours that I want to go on and I  can already think of a couple places I want to vivst off hand.I espically want to see the spy and the hollacuast museum And I even I read that the jazz festival will be going on in july while I'm there. Plus I have the top 25 spots in washing ton so I can't wait to hit up one of their nighclubs. Thats not the only thing thats going on this summer tho
my mom got a 10,000$ to go to austrialia and check out some of there educational stuff.
Shes been working on this for months and I guess we weren't really thinking about it until she got a call
from her co worker saying "were going to austraillia" it was just a shock really your not thinking about it at all and then all the sudden you have these huges plans.
So yeah she is going to fly to new zeland and then austrailia around the same time I will be in washington
she has even strted her own blog called all things tazmainian. We were discussing going to cali afterwards and trying to stay with my aunt in san diego for a week.I'm a tad nervous about flying by myself but I know that I'm just gonna be soooo excited chances are it won't even matter.

it just all seems so odd we have never had money for this type of stuff in the past so I guess living in a shitty neiborhood butI can't complain I mean look at how much it has really paid off.I only have 8 weeks beifre we go I wish I had more time because I am trying to get into better shape my goal is to loose 15-20lbs in that peroid of time so we went to walmart and bought some ankle weights and dumbells to lift along with a cooler pack so I could run on the tredmill we are also planing on getting bikes and riding them every day..
I guess it will make loosing the weight a hell of alot easier than going it with diet alone which pretty much starts to seem pointless after a while espically when you are always hungry.

Eather way its really great to have something to look forward too me and jay just broke up after a year of going out and the place we are living now is not that great but its just really hard to find anything to frown about when I'm getting to do what I want for a change.