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good things happen at bad times

So I just got out of school a couple weeks ago and I took my old job back working the graveyard...
So far it has been running smoothly (the job I mean)
I met this cool new chick named tameeka (shes my overnight manager.) I've already een to her house twice.
Up until today I wasn't quite sure what my grades were....
There was one thing I knew for certain. I knew I failed phsychology.
This morning I came home groggy as hell from work.
Mom took off today because there is so much to get done.
I'm trying to get back on foodstamps and medicade plus
we wanted to swich our phone plan, clean out the car and all that other time consuming crap........
she was telling me how the rest of my checks needed to go to my trip to

so I was like fine the next 600$$ goes to my trip.
I guess we were feeling short on cash when we decided to call my college about my outstanding bill considering that we did in fact owe two or three hundred dollars
and to check up on my grades....
I doesed off for a bit and then got a call from a debt collection agency...
Basicly I owe my old complex longhorn landing two grand in fees and so forth for breaking my lease with them to move to houston; and on top of that I needed to pay them now or else it was leaving a bad mark on my credit.
there was also some sortof hold on my grades.....something about my outstanding bill so,...yeah,
So far the day seemed pretty shitty.....
that was until we called about that  bill I owe the college only to realise there was nothing due back.
I guess we figured that all this time I didn't qualify for fianachial aide considering that we were given a card for my FAFSA with an account balence of zero maybe we just gave up to soon shows how much we know uh????
apparently I have 1,400 in aide that  came in without me or my mom knowing. all I'm thinking is gawddamn we must be stupid.
so yeah this was really convient espically when wer're flat broke
I guess all that was left after that is to make a payment on my tuition to remove the hold on my grades
we removed the hold from my grades only to discover that I passed both my classes
who knew someones bad day could turn around so fast......
well see ya
I'm off get a new phone and get my hair done