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geek, nerd, sexy


I fianally have a new bf and hes really cool too. Remmeber that guy jason I went out with and  I worte a blog about it a couple weeks ago well me and him decided to make it official. He must really like me cuz he drives an hour to come see me once a week on saturday and spends 30-40$ on dinner. We normally go out to sugar land to eat at one of their fancy restrants then go walking in the park and play some video games.... He always shows up at 12 and doesn't wind up leaving until like 8 or 9 in the afternoon. We just have so much fun that we loose track of time...
    Last weekend he hooked uo my ps2 and we started playing chrono cross plus he left his nitendo wii and left me smash brothers plus the starwars game force unleashed for me to play... its a lot of fun dating a guy who is also into video games...Plus i'm so glad I found someone because its been like a couple months since I've gotten laid and thats wayyyyy to long come to think of it this whole year I haven't really gotten much I've had sex like five times....(yeah kinda scary now that I think about it)
     Can't wait till me and jason try it... there just one thing tho.... I was kindof shocked at first when he told me hes never had sex before.
I guess he isn't real great at putting the moves on girls cuz hes so shy and gets anxious I will have to kindof ease him into it or something Actually I'm kindof nervoius now that I think about it cuz Iv never dated a virgin before I mean yeah I've been with one or two but,...I just hope its good the first time we....you know?
O-well eatthier way I like him alot so
I think im fallin 4 him
sigh,can't wait till next saturday