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my mom left a couple days ago for her trip to Austraillia and she left me with two hundred dollars tow calling cards and abiout a weeks worth of groceries.
I was a little worried at first being all alone in DC but that wore off. Tuesday afternoon I took a walk which lasted a good three or four hours and it started raining really hard and I wound up getting lost actually (good thing I had my map on me). SO today was our last day of class and I had to tell a story from my childhood in ASL which was alright I told the story of my grandma's wedding and how I embaressed the hell outta my mom by repeting everything the pastor said.
      I'm staying at this place called DC lofty
staying here has been a tad hectic its really crowed and I keep having to swich bunks; along with the fact that I have about six bags a purse a satchel a hygine, and medication bag, and my suitcase and I put all my dirty clothes in a trash sack which I have been shoving aside due to the fact that someone else's clothes are always in the wash. I was in the basement for two nights then they moved me to the second floor the night after; then I had to take my shit to the third floor and now I had to move back down to the second.
Its a rarity to find privacy here (unles your in the shower) which is hard to come by sometimes cuz so many folks stay here.
people are comming in the rooms at all hours of the night and such comming from allo sorts of places to stay here.
Hell the other night I met my new roomates (for the third time) and one lady was from new zeland.
      The bus is kinda ghetto espically the bus on 8th north east street. Me and mom rode it one day to get to down town on a bus called X2 but rightnow I take 90 or 92 to get to gallaudet today I made the mistake of riding home at four. I was the only while girl at a crowed stop and then I had to shove my way through a sea of pleople just to get on (none of those people were white either). Not that I'm racist or anything but when you feel like a dove in a flock or crows it is a tad bit awquard.
but yeah,....   
     I'm suprised I even got off at the right stop because I couldn't see out the windows the bus was so packed. oh and while I was waiting the funniest thing happened this black guy asked me for my number and tried to tell me he was studing at gallaudet except he had no idea wat the university was even for because he told me he studied physics there. So then when I told him it was a Deaf university he said he knew sign language and I started asking him questions in sign and he had no idea what I was talking about....GAWD WHAT AN IDOIT.
     I have rode the subway a few times tho its actually kinda fun. But I'm creeped out a bit because a few days after we got here there was a head on collision on the redline (thats one of the lines subway) they are actually still investigating the wreck and what caused it but they also changed the metro so that its running slower and now they have the driver manually stop the rail.
     I'm planing on seeing some more museums tommarow guess I'm kinda on my own but I did request a few peopole from my class on facebook...maybe I could ask them if they wanna join me or something who knows. I mjean /I've been over to courtney and amber's place twice already I'm sure they'll wanna hang at somepoint. Although since they are local I'm not quite sure about there intrest in sighseeing.
     The forth is on saturday and I'm debeting on what I wanna do it seems like our hostel would be having some type of celebration or whatknot I mena hell on wedsday night they had a fucking barbeque for no reason at all and alot of the younger folks here go club hopping it seems like there's bound to be something going on. If not I'm headed to the smithsonian to catch the fireworks I hear its mega crowded but hey thats something /i thibnk I'd regret missing so yeah.
        I called my mom just now (she left for her grant trip so she is in new zeland) and over there its like 130Am on friday which is relaly a trip cuz its like 11pm on thursday over here.
she says its really strange figuring things out. Her and the other lady she is travling with took a cab and she said he charged them eighty dollars but afterwards they found out they could have gotta a flat rate of fourty so he ripped them off. Then she says the money is diffrent and she was in the hotel room trying to figure out how to turn the lights on and they turn on when you insert your hotel key card into this slot in the wall. I was just like damn.
      Jason's birthday is on the 26th of july so I'm gonna be at my grandmother's place then and we are gonna cook him dinner I can hardly wait. I'm like Damn I'm a wimp I miss him already sooo much and its only been twol weeks. Plus he said he would drive me home on saturday when I get back bu on sunday we were just gonna kinda excuse ourselvs from Earlene's place and go get a motel room....
and we're gonna kinda cut loose plus motel room sex is always sooooooooo good espically when you don't gottaa worry abotu people who may just bust in at any minute and be horribly dimayed that your having sex in their house. (always a mood killer)
     Oh yeah and micheal jackson died a few days ago wow and he was only fifty years old thats a shame three generations of music the king of pop gone
Damn what a week 
     well Ima get going to bed now I'm gonna try and get up early even tho I'm not much of a morning person.
but I'll be sure and post more later