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nerd, geek, sexy

Hot date


So I guess I figured its about time to start lookin for someone to go out with...
Jay had already started talking with this girl emily I guess he thought she was pretty cool cuz on
his myspace...At first I was kinda sad like awww for real? this sux.
But a few weeks ago I started talking with this guy jason.
     I met him off this dating website called sweet on geeks seemed to suit my persona well really I wanted a guy who was into gaming and anime like I was. So far I've just had really bad luck with guys and no luck with finding a girlfriend thats just kinda flow out the window at this point. So I wanted a guy who was youthful and I got someone imature, then I wanted a guy who was honest and I got someone blunt and everyone else I seemed to be intrested in didn't stick around long enough for it to even matter. O-well my date went pretty good we ate at gringos and I think me and this guy have somethings in common he was really polite and was actually wayyyyy better looking than the poictures he sent to me. I was really hoping to get a kiss at the door step but my mom had to go outside for a cigarette so it was kindof a mood killer. I'm really hoping he calls me to go out again. I'm just glad I actully found someone more like me. Who knows maybe if I play my cards right it will go a little further