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nerd, geek, sexy

New Friends

I met this guy named R.J. a couple weeks ago....
He is actually a friend of an old guy pal of mine from highschool
who decided to introduce us. Seemed like a fat chance we'd ever get along
he really struck me as one of those cool rich kids but suprisingly we hit it off quite well.
Tonight was his 21rst birthday and I was actually invited. It was wayyy more fun than I expected.
It was at this really nice house they have out in new territory (a real nice neiborhood in Sugar Land in case you didn't know)
(yeah thats sugar land a very rich fast grwoing suburb where I grew up)
of course there was a shit ton of alchol (of all kinds) involved I normally don't like drinking but since everyone was already far past wasted when I showed up I had a few jello shots a shot or two of everclear some rum and a small shot of absenth and
there I was swaying along with everyone else so.....
Alot of hot guys were there theres this guy named ambrose
hes a close friendf of R.J.'s kept hitting on me the whole time
I said no I just got a new bf so I'm cool. 0=)  But it did make me blush a little ... ^_^
Yeah I had a real good time and I was even invited to another party some time in july but I told them I was gonna be in washinton DC....=]
I got back a little while ago and I was still tipsy for an hour or two im like Damn its just now wearin off
but its always nice making new firends tho