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nerd, geek, sexy

so um,...we're cool, right???

     I still have my job in fast food.
Summer overnights are just crazy tho.All kinds of shit happens on the shift, like wrecks or food fights in the drive thru. Everyones high so they wanna come in and make all these large complex orders and act like they don't know how to order or what to do do I go to the second window? um I dunno if you wanmt your food thats proably a good idea. Its funny by the way they order you would suspect they'd never eaten fast food in their life askin me dumb questions like
Whats a fudge sunday? Do you have the Mcrib? Are you serving breakfast? (gee its ten o clock at night what do you think?)
When I worked for the company full time it used to really get under my skin. I've mellowed out a bit since then. 
     What really suprises me is when I see someone I knew from 5-6 years ago and they still look the same and they know who I am right away. It really used to piss me off becuase some assholes from my junior high would come in and harass me order 50$ worth of food and leave or pull in and out of the drive thru.
     So yeah I still see people that I know from highschool and even elementary and middle school its pretty common some of them even used to work there. I keep seeing this guy micah whats funny is that he used to pick on me really bad. T
     hinking back on it Jr. High was when I had just started having troubles with bipolar It was really hard on me adjusting and my mom I kept having moodswings at school and wouldn't do my homework so the teachers basicly threatened my mom they would fail me if she didn't place me in a self contained behavoir class. We fianally agreed just so I could pass the 6th grade without being held behind. had 4 other students basicly it had a reputation for being the worst class in the entire school.
     Micah wasn't there at first, it was just me and a a few emo rebellious kids and we had a teacher by the name of Ms alsmeyer. (the same teacher who tutored me when I took my GED) When my friend told me that her brother Micah was getting moved to the class too I was kindof excited becuse there was no one in the class I really got along with. I guess being the class clown he came along and started making fun of me to make himself look cool. Since I was kindof geeky It was normally about my glasses making fun of me that I had big eyes or that I was alittle chubby they even had a nickname for me they called me bug eyed creation.
     I guess since I was the focal point eveybody simply joined along in a group effort. It was all kinds of things really drawing ugly pictures of me sicking jolly ranchers on my desk with spit globs stealing things out of my backpack like my cd's or reading my journal and leaving nasty comments. It was on going They would rat on me whenevr I did something wrong and delete all the music I listened to off the computer. Micah was kindof the ring leader of the pack.
     Although he was hurtful outside of him teasing me his jokes where really funny sometimes,...I even had a small crush on him when we first met cuz his sence of humor was so great. Its funny how he used to bother me so much, I used to skip class just so I could get away from him I thought he was horrible. Normally when he comes in hes been really polite though.
     He came in a few weeks ago and asked if I had seen any of our old classmates. Come to think of it I really haven't I saw our the mom of one of our formaer classmates and I his ex girlfriend actually moved to austin where I was attending college the last few semsters but no one recently. I told him our classmate sandra was on my facebook and he said he would send me a friend request there.
     I gave him some free food and asked how he was doing and he said good we chatted a bit. Then he came in again twice that week later we talked a bit and I wound up asking him for his number just for the hell of it . He's gotten alot better looking since middle school so I guess I wanted to see if he would actually give me his number as a conquest type of thing. In reality I just wadded it up in my pocket and forgot it was even there up until tonight. A customer pulled up and said hey how are you! and I was just like oh great its one of those overly friendly customers just what I need at this time of night. 
      Apparently it was just Micah passing through I told him I would promo his order and he said
oh no you don't have to do that. I was like alright and then he tells me hey you never called and I said oh, I lost your number sorry. (washe for real) cuz He said here lemme give you the number again. I was just like naw Ima loose it so you need to take my number I'll give it too you at the second window and then hes like maybe we could go to the movies sometime.
      I couldn't teel if he was asking me out or what but I thought it was hillarous I told tameeka (the nightshift manger who I'm friends with) how bad he used to bug me and one time he even tried tried to spit on me. (good thing he missed) I was just liek gawd he was a jerk and she said maybe you shoulda given him the rejection hotline I was liek yeah maybe.....
     Either way me I had a good laugh about it when I told my mom too 
she remebers how it used to be as well,...wounder what I'd say if he actually called???